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The desert can be a dangerous place, especially when you are a Crusader. Gather resources and crash your opponents in this real-time strategy game

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Stronghold Crusader is a title most real-time strategy players are familiar with or have heard about at some point. Stronghold Crusader Extreme comes as the updated version of the Crusader edition meant to improve on some issues over the original release, as well as offer the possibility to build huge armies.

A few new features to enjoy

Since you can’t really update a game without actually doing something, Stronghold Crusader Extreme comes with a few notable additions. Apart from being able to train an army of 10 000 men, you also get new buildings to construct and missions to play.

The part with the army sounds good on paper but the units still get clumped up into one string of shapes that looks like a single soldier glitchet horribly and left clones behind as it moved. Actually, if you were to create 10 000 soldiers, they wouldn’t really fit on your screen so having them mashed up into one movable blob would be the best option. Although, it’s not that pleasing to see.

In some missions, you also get to use a series of special abilities that prove to be very helpful in certain cases. As you play, a bar fills up and as it does so, you are able to perform arrow or stone volley attacks, call spearmen or engineers to help, and you can even partially heal your army.

The same graphics and gameplay

Other than the mentioned changes, Stronghold Crusader Extreme is just like its predecessor. Units behave the same, buildings look the same, game mechanics work the same, you’ll basically be playing Stronghold Crusader with a few things added to give it a bit of an over-the-top feeling.

If you liked the original title, there’s really no reason to not try it out, especially since you get new stuff to play with.

Just a slight update to Stronghold Crusader

On a closing note, Stronghold Crusader Extreme is worth taking a look into. You might find the Extreme modes very challenging and worth your time.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 13th, 2014
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