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Buy horses and train them to the best of your abilities, in order to help them win races and win money

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Managing a stable and a bunch of horses is far more difficult and expensive as you might think, especially if you intend to use them in official racing tournaments from around the world. The animals require a lot of preferential treatment, as well as proper living conditions to avoid health problems. Once the race day rolls around, additional cash is required for equipment and entry fees, so it’s quite the costly endeavor in the end.

Manage your own stable from the ground up

Starters Orders 5 provides you with the chance to simulate the same conditions in a virtual environment and see whether you can make it in the world of horse racing. The game itself is quite complex and in-depth when it comes to the mechanics governing the gameplay, so you might want to read up on your horse racing rules and jargon before jumping into it.

As such, you start off with a small amount of cash, three horses, and the basic equipment needed to enter a few tournaments. Naturally, there are plenty of competitions to choose from, as well as a couple of famous ones that feature huge prizes and quite a bit of glory for you and your club. In addition, the tournaments span across the entire world and you can travel to Australia and the US whenever you need to.

Breed your own horses and bet on the races

In case you are particularly happy with the results of your horses, you can retire them after a while and use them for breeding. Hence, you can obtain similar specimens and have the same results out on the race track, although the training itself is of capital importance as well. Buying horses is also possible, although you can also sell them if you need the cash.

Betting is allowed too, in case you are feeling particularly lucky and you do not mind gambling your winnings away. Before each race, you can look at the horses and receive information about whether they look tired or not, although that’s not always relevant in the bigger picture. You can also watch the races as they unfold, using the built-in 2D engine provided with the game.

Countless hours of gameplay and fun

All things considered, Starters Orders 5 is definitely an improvement over the previous episodes and it features a lot more content as well. This translates into many hours of gameplay, as well as a more realistic experience and a significantly improved replay value.

Starters Orders 5 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
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