Starters Orders 3

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Train horses your own horses, watch them race and bet on the outcome, in order to become a successful manager and entrepreneur

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Training racing horses is much more difficult than one might assume, since a lot of factors have an impact on the outcome of the race, including physical endurance, injuries and many other things. However, the rewards are worth it and the profits are not bad either, especially since the sport is largely built around betting crowds that hope to win easy money fast and care-free.

Manage and train your own horses

Starter Orders 3 is the third installment in the well-known franchise and it addresses a lot of issues from the first two parts, while also adding a variety of improvements and new features to please its fans. However, the core gameplay is largely the same and it should appeal to old fans as well, considering the fact that the changes mostly affect the amount of content that's available from the get-go.

Hence, you still have the option to start a career and run your very own horse training and management business, meaning that you can buy horses, improve their abilities and participate in tournaments with them. Naturally, if your steed happens to do well in the competition, you can rejoice at the fortune a trophy can bring you, which in turn allows you to expand your business and buy even more horses.

Make money with a bit of luck

However, it is also possible to bypass all the hard work required to establish and run such an enterprise, since the game includes a betting mode as well. Hence, you can turn the small amount of money you start off with into millions, if you can correctly predict the outcome of the races and have lady luck in your corner. Naturally, this is also quite risky and you can easily go broke after a few bad days at the race track.

From a technical point of view, most of the game is text-based, in the sense that you usually have to run numbers and read a lot of statistics in order to advance and make your business prosper. However, the races themselves are animated and you can watch them if you choose to do so, although you should not expect too much. The graphics are in 2D and, although they do not look too bad, the animations are very crude and repetitive overall.

Hours upon hours of gameplay

All things considered, the biggest advantage of Starters Orders 3 is the fact that you can basically play it for as long as you want, without worrying about the gameplay becoming repetitive. In addition, the database is huge and the amount of information put at your disposal is more than enough to keep you occupied for a long time.

Starters Orders 3 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Starters Orders 3 - There are multiple race schedules available and three different difficulty levels.Starters Orders 3 - You start off with plenty of cash, although it can all be gambled away quite easily.Starters Orders 3 - Each horse is ranked according to its winning record.Starters Orders 3 - screenshot #4Starters Orders 3 - screenshot #5Starters Orders 3 - screenshot #6Starters Orders 3 - screenshot #7Starters Orders 3 - screenshot #8

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