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Play as the famous undercover cops from the TV series and catch a lot of speeding bad guys

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Starsky & Hutch is among the most beloved cop shows out there, mostly thanks to its disarming humor and the lovable pair of undercover cops that are always chasing someone in their fancy cars. Now, you can take part in these adventures yourself and drive some of the most famous cars featured in the show, as well as try to recreate intense races throughout the city streets.

Hilarious, yet action-packed chase sequences

Sharing the show's name, Starsky & Hutch is an arcade racing that's more oriented toward keeping up with the other car, rather than reaching the finish line first. Just like in the TV series, the two cops start off by doing some surveillance, only to witness the criminals run off in a car, which naturally commences an intense chase sequence.

As previously mentioned, there are multiple vehicles that can be used throughout the missions, all of which are more or less famous from the show and they have been closely modeled to accurately depict the real cars. In addition, the handling system has been designed in order take into account the car weight and the way you negotiate corners, although it still cannot be consider realistic in any way.

An open city to explore

It must be noted that the game also presents the action in the form of a TV show, because there's a timer running and you have to make the race as interesting as possible, so that the audience does not get bored. In addition, you can practically free roam the streets of the city, since there are no invisible walls stopping you from letting the bad guys get away and taking a stroll down the boulevard.

In order to make the races more intense and interesting, you can use the gun to shoot at various power-ups spread throughout the the city, which offer you various speed boosts, or influence the environment to your advantage. Moreover, you can also shoot directly at the perpetrators and force them to give up the race, although the audience won't appreciate a chase that's too short.

A fun and entertaining experience

In case you are familiar with the show, Starsky & Hutch should be exactly what you imagined a video game would look like. Otherwise, the game might seem a bit foolish, but it's all in the name of fun and entertainment.

Starsky & Hutch Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 4th, 2014
Starsky & Hutch Demo - The boys are always on the lookout for suspicious cars.Starsky & Hutch Demo - After you start the pursuit, you are able to use the gun as well.Starsky & Hutch Demo - The city does happen to be quite empty, most of the time.Starsky & Hutch Demo - screenshot #4Starsky & Hutch Demo - screenshot #5

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