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A new adventure featuring Spider-Man and his unending fight against the evil of Green Goblin

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Spider-Man is back in action and he is trying to defend the city against the evil forces of Shocker, Vulture and Green Goblin, which are once again trying to put its people in danger. Moreover, the game is based on the blockbuster with the same name, which means that you get to witness the events of the movie and get to play your own part in them.

Explore the city and its tallest buildings

Spider-Man: The Movie features an open-world gameplay style that enables you to explore the massive city from above its rooftops, by using your web to move quickly between the buildings and your spider abilities to stick onto the walls. Although you are not allowed to go all the way down and roam the streets, the game area is large enough to give you plenty to view and more than enough routes you can take to get from one place to the other.

To defeat his enemies, Spider-Man uses his martial arts knowledge to inflict all sorts of pain on them, as well as various combos that can be achieved in certain situations, which give you more damage and the possibility to take out multiple foes at once. As usual, he is also capable of incredible acrobatics, which are beautifully rendered by the potent graphic engine.

Unlock various mini games and combat moves

As you progress through the story, the character learns new moves, which can be used against the more powerful foes you have to face toward the end of the game. In addition, you also get to discover a variety of mini games, which offer you additional hours of entertainment and a good way to take your mind off trying to stay alive.

When it comes to the visual aspect of the game, the character animation, as previously mentioned, allows Spider-Man to perform most of his trademark moves and acrobatics. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy the sight of a few other famous villains from the comic book universe, including Green Goblin and Vulture, who need to be stopped yet again from bringing chaos into the city.

An entertaining and action-packed arcade game

In the end, Spider-Man: The Movie can successfully satisfy the fans, since it brings together all the elements needed for an exciting incursion into the life and deeds of Spider-Man. In addition, the fact that it follows the events from the movie means that you get to recreate the best moments for yourself, or adjust them according to your specific preferences.

Spider-Man: The Movie Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 17th, 2014
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