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Defeat an evil scientist and survive the perils of the journey in this casual platformer

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If one were to count all the Mario and Sonic remakes designed by fans, the resulting number would contain a hefty row of zeroes. Obviously, few of these remakes are any good and they are usually just created to be enjoyed by the actual developers, because game development is not as easy as you might believe.

A combination between two beloved franchises

Somari 2 is a 2D platformer that combines Super Mario with Sonic the Hedgehog, hence the “Somari” and the familiar appearance of the character. The game itself is not very different from either of those classic titles, except for the fact that the levels seem to be designed with the Mushroom Kingdom in mind and the only Sonic trait is the speed at which Somari can move around the world.

There is even a story that should be part of the final game, although it has no impact on the current events. As such, the action takes place in a world where people apparently lack the ability to run, because they do not have any toes. However, a mushroom-addicted couple gives birth to an anomalous child, one that actually has toes and is able to reach incredible speeds.

Terrible graphics and awful gameplay mechanics

Unfortunately, the game is a mess in almost every regard, starting with the actual gameplay mechanics and all the way to the visual presentation. All you can do is jump around from platform to platform and collect the occasional coin. There are no enemies to deal with and no traps to avoid, so as long as you can get a grip on the awful controls, you should be able to keep going forward.

The graphics look like they were hand drawn using the mouse cursor and the paint bucket, except maybe for the clouds, which seem to have more detail to them. Other than that, everything is sketchy and crooked, with harsh lines and no detail whatsoever when it comes to the environment. In fact, the levels are completely barren and thus extremely repetitive.

Not much of a tech demo, or a game for that matter

All things considered, Somari 2 is not in any shape to be presented as a tech demo. Screenshots would have sufficed, although one can easily just use MS Paint to quickly draw a frame in a JPEG document, without any perceivable difference.

Somari 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 14th, 2015
Somari 2 Demo - Somario is a weird combination between Mario and the famous Sonic the Hedgehog.Somari 2 Demo - Platforms allow you to reach the higher places.Somari 2 Demo - Sometimes, walking on the ceiling is the proper way to get past a section.Somari 2 Demo - screenshot #4

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