Small Soldiers: Squad Commander

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Toy soldiers wage war across the house and transform your bedroom into a battlefield

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Toy soldiers are basically a cornerstone in everyone's childhood, or at least they were until tablets and smartphones took over. The imaginary battles between poorly drawn plastic figurines extended across the entire household and lasted for hours, or until bedtime was closing in.

A simple bedroom becomes a fierce battlefield

Small Soldiers: Squad Commanders allows you to recreate the same scenarios, only without the mess that ensues after playing with real toy soldiers. In the game, you get to control a team of warriors that must fight for territory and overcome various obstacles throughout the room, as well as avoid traps and use explosives to scatter the enemy troops.

Your role is to command the team and come up with the appropriate assault tactics in order to overpower the foes. Before heading into battle, it is possible to choose from two different teams, namely the Gorgonites or the Commandos. While the Gorgonites appear to be some sort of alien-animal hybrid, the Commandos are basically your regular army toy soldiers, complete with military outfits and classic marine haircuts.

Team-based action from a top-view perspective

The game uses a set of basic mechanics when it comes to gameplay and a familiar top-view perspective to offer you complete control over the battlefield. Thus, in order to perform an action, you simply have to select the desired soldier and click anywhere on the ground. Beside moving around, they are also capable of picking up certain items throughout the levels and activate levers, which can be used to gain certain advantages.

Naturally, the items you pick up can be used in battle, such as the firecrackers that act as dynamite sticks. Since the warriors are quite small, their inventory is rather limited and they cannot carry too much around, which in turn forces you to use the extra equipment all the time. You do, however, stumble upon extra stuff on a regular basis, so you do not have to worry about saving items for later on.

An entertaining adventure with a touch of tactics

In the end, Small Soldiers: Squad Commander can provide you with endless hours of fun and excitement, especially since the game gets quite tricky on higher difficulty levels. Hence, you are required to employ some tactical thinking in your approach as well, if you want to survive the battles.

Small Soldiers: Squad Commander was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 8th, 2014
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