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Slenderman is back at it again and he is determined to send your pacemaker into overdrive

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Alien monsters and hellish creatures might be frightening, but at least they make their intentions clear from afar by howling, roaring and charging at you straight on. However, a silent and mysterious being that gives no motive or reason for the horrors it inflicts on you is far more terrifying, especially if there is no way you can shoot your way out of the situation.

Avoid your enemy at any cost

Slenderman's Shadow is based on the idea that the unknown is far scarier than whatever monsters anyone might come up with. Thus, it encourages you to avoid making contact with the entity that haunts the locations available in the game and punishes you if you ignore the advice. As you might expect, Slenderman has his own agenda as well and he won't let you get away that easily, by stalking you around and generally making it difficult for you to keep an even heartbeat.

Gameplay-wise, there is not too much to talk about, since all you have to do is walk around the levels and run if things suddenly get too spooky. You do, however, have to collect a bunch of pages scattered throughout the maps, each one of which has a certain message written on it. These messages do nothing to make you feel better, though, since they mostly contain spine-chilling sentences that seem to warn you about the danger you are facing.

Light your way through desolated environments

A game like this requires an intense atmosphere in order to achieve the desired results, which, in the absence of ghosts and hell hounds, must use the landscape surrounding you to inspire fear and unease. Hence, the action takes place in some of the most inappropriate places imaginable, such as abandoned sanatoriums, desolated prisons and odd streets that seem to be broken from the rest of the world.

Since, as you might have guessed, all of these events take place at night, darkness covers the environment most of the time. The only way you are able to advance is by using your flashlight, which can only light a small area in front of your and never enough to make you feel comfortable. Even so, the maps are highly detailed and a lot of effort has been put into level design, even if some sections seem to be repeating themselves from time to time.

A different take on the horror genre

Slenderman's Shadow mixes some unusual elements into its composition, which, in the end, are what gave the series its recognition. Thus, if you are on the lookout for something to make bedtime a little more interesting and you are not interested in leaving the house after dark, the game at hand is exactly what you need.

Slenderman's Shadow was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2014
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