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A fun game in which you are allowed to build your own African savannah and place every tree, shrub and animal yourself

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Africa may be one of the wildest continents out there, with plenty of animals running free across its vast plains, but it is also very inaccessible to most people, mainly because not all of the continent is that well developed and it can be quite difficult to reach certain areas. On the other hand, there are plenty of books and documentaries to give you an idea about what lies there, but you can also take a step further and simulate a similar ecosystem for yourself.

Let your imagination run wild

Sim Safari is an interesting sandbox game that allows you to basically build an entire ecosystem from scratch, by providing you with a big, empty map and the necessary tools to start populating it with the desired fauna and flora. Hence, while it may take a while to come up with the desired design and have a large enough number of animals, the results always respect your vision and it can be quite the achievement to see your wildest dreams transposed into a simulation of this sort.

As previously mentioned, you start off with an empty map, although there are a few objects placed on it, which must be taken into consideration when you ponder on your design. Hence, the savannah must somehow include your outpost, as well as allow the tourists to visit its major attraction, by building roads throughout the reservation, without affecting the ecosystem or disturbing the animals themselves.

Add water, vegetation and food for each animal

As you might expect, every species you place out on the map has certain requirements, whether it's food, water or space to move around. Hence, while herbivore mammals can be dealt with using a few shrubs and a watering hole, predators need a bit more attention, since they require specific prey. Thus, you must place enough vegetation to attract wildebeest, which happen to be the lion's main course every day, otherwise they quickly vanish from the map, most like because of the starvation.

All of this work is not for nothing, though, since you can gain a profit out of your creation by allowing tourists to visit it. Naturally, depending on the quality of your work and the number of animals you manage to include in the savannah, the rating increases and you attract more visitors, thus earning more money as well. On the other hand, if you waste your funds and fail to build a successful park, you can quickly go bankrupt.

A fun simulation game that gets you hooked

In the end, Sim Safari can be the source for countless hours of fun, thanks to the fact that you are allowed to use your imagination at its fullest extend. Moreover, your talent is rewarded with increased interest from the tourists, with should provide you with enough incentive to keep going.

Sim Safari Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 19th, 2014
Sim Safari Demo - Do you want to create your own park or start a mission?Sim Safari Demo - These animals look lonely. Give them a hand.Sim Safari Demo - A park must have a little bit of everything.Sim Safari Demo

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