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An entertaining simulator that puts players in charge of a variety of ships, including yachts, speedboats and cargo ships

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Cargo boats and yachts may not be the first things that pop into your mind whenever you think about simulators, but the sea can offer plenty of challenges as well. In addition, there are many types of boats and ships out there, all of which come with their own personality and require different set of skills to sail with.

Take command over a wide variety of ships

Ship Simulator 2006 aims to provide you with the opportunity to be in charge of a wide variety of ships and boats, ranging from slow, but luxurious yachts, to record-breaking speedboats. Depending on the type of the boat, the game throws you into a multitude of situations and missions, all of which are created to take advantage of the ship's special characteristics.

Hence, the mission that gives you control over a coast guard ship enables you to save people in danger, by quickly sailing to their location and helping them out of the perilous waters, while other missions simply require you to transport cargo or people from one place to the other. Regardless of the purpose, the objectives are constantly displayed on the screen at all times and you can consult them whenever you happen to lose track of the goal.

Navigate the world's seas using the built-in GPS system

Since the sea rarely offers any landmarks or guidance when it comes to the course you must follow to reach your destination, alternative methods must be employed to keep track of your progress. One way to achieve this is by using the trusty GPS device built into almost every ship, which informs you about the current coordinates, as well as the location of your next objective. Additionally, you are also provided with a complex compass to help you keep a steady course, which is capable of displaying multiple interest points at once.

The game mechanics, taking into consideration the fact that it aims to be a simulator and realistically reproduce the handling of various ship types, are quite well polished and convincing. Although not many can appreciate the accuracy when it come to the behavior of the ships, the controls do make it rather difficult to steer and keep a steady course, especially since you have to use the mouse to perform every action, in case you do not have a dedicated controller.

A relaxing and nicely rendered ship simulator

All in all, Ship Simulator 2006 can prove to be quite the addictive game, especially if you happen to enjoy wandering on the sea at the board of gigantic ships. Furthermore, the graphics provide you with enough detail to make the entire experience more enjoyable and give you plenty to look at while you are navigating.

Ship Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 3rd, 2014
Ship Simulator - You can access the steering controls and keep an eye on the map while you are navigating the sea.Ship Simulator - You can quickly switch between view points and view your objectives by clicking on the icons at the top of the screen.Ship Simulator - One of the available view point takes you to the main objective, which, in this case, happens to be a drowning person.Ship Simulator - screenshot #4

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