Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes Demo

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Check out a fun to play simulator where you get to be a brave coast guard officer.





It's hard to improve on something great, but when the Coast Guard calls, you have to answer the challenge! Search & Rescue: Coastal Heroes is the newest installment of the successful Search And Rescue franchise, and allows you to take on the role of a LCoast Guard officer, entrusted with the daunting task of rescuing ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

Search & Rescue beginners and helicopter fans alike will love this latest creation in a classic series, that get's you as close to the real experience of flying Coast Guard rescue missions as you can, without actually sitting in the cockpit.

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Last updated on October 27th, 2009
Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes Demo - Are you ready to become a hero?Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes Demo - First, adjust some video settings so that you can enjoy the best game play experience.Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes Demo - Everyone move it! We have to take off now!Search and Rescue: Coastal Heroes DemoSearch and Rescue: Coastal Heroes Demo

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