Scream Machines

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A tycoon-based game that allows you to create and ride your very own roller coasters

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In case you are a thrill seeker, roller coasters should be more than familiar to you, since they are among the most extreme forms of entertainment out there. Due to the high speeds, tight turns and the potential for a thousand things going wrong at any moment, immense adrenaline levels are guaranteed, no matter how often you ride in them.

Design and ride your own roller coasters

Scream Machines is a game that provides you with the opportunity to design your own crazy roller coasters, using a variety of tools to make it as wild as possible. In addition, since just looking at them is not nearly as fun, you can also simulate the actual ride and enjoy your creations from a first-person point of view, although the sensation doesn't come close to the real thing.

To design the rides, the game puts a wide palette of tools at your disposal, all of which can be used to shape the tracks according to your preferences. Thus, every portion can be elevated, rotated or customized in a variety of other ways, giving you the possibility to create practically an endless number of designs. Moreover, objects can be imported from other sources as well, meaning that you can include models from your computer at any time.

Free camera movement and game world navigation

In order to properly view the roller coasters and make sure that they respect your specifications, the game allows you to position the camera in any position you like, using the mouse and keyboard to do so. However, it is rather annoying to use the keyboard in order to pan the view, since it moves very slowly and it takes forever to go from one side of the map to the other.

In addition, during the design phase, the editing window occupies quite a large portion of the screen, which sometimes leaves you unable to see parts of the ride. The graphic quality is quite decent, on the other hand, especially when it comes to the objects that can be used in the design. The environment hasn't received the same amount of attention, but you barely get a chance to admire it anyway.

An addictive game with endless possibilities

In the end, Scream Machines achieves its purpose and gives you control over the entire toolbox, which in turn provides you with the opportunity to put your wildest ideas into practice. Furthermore, the fact that you can also include self-made objects into the game should allow you to mod it in any way imaginable.

Scream Machines was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 8th, 2014
Scream Machines - You can customize every aspect of your roller coaster.Scream Machines - The only limit is your imagination.Scream Machines - The environment can be used to your advantage.Scream Machines - screenshot #4Scream Machines - screenshot #5

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