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Try the next installment of the successful tactical first person shooter franchise.

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WAT 4 is a tactical first-person shooter that puts you in command of your very own SWAT team through missions inspired from real-life situations.

New York City is your playground

SWAT 4 is the last PC game in the popular series if we count out The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack released almost a year later and the first one that left Los Angeles (featured in all previous installments) for a new playground, New York City.

Here you'll take the role of a SWAT team leader who will have to face the tough reality of New York. The game aims to simulate realistic police procedures, thus before starting a mission you will be presented with a small briefing which can give you clues about the overall situation and how to plan your approach.

Moreover, now you will also be able to choose the equipment for each of the team members as well as selecting the point of entry if the scenario permits multiple approaches.

A realistic squad-based shooter

As previously mentioned, SWAT 4 draws its inspiration from real-life scenarios when the intervention of the Special Weapons and Tactics team was the last resort in solving a hostage situation or capturing a dangerous suspect.

Each mission will place in you front of various objectives based on a 911 call from witnesses at the scene or a small briefing. Carefully investigating the information you have is the key to completing each mission with maximum points and by following the SWAT protocol.

Speaking of protocol, during missions you'll have to keep in mind a few things and restrain yourself from going in guns blazing shooting everything that moves. According to these protocols, a SWAT member will have to warn the suspects before shooting, giving them a chance to surrender.

Also usage of weapons is only authorized when there's no other solution in a given situation. Keeping track of all these protocols will ensure you get the maximum score possible in each mission without being penalized.

Join or challenge your friends in various multiplayer modes

Apart from the single player campaign, SWAT 4 also comes with a multiplayer component that packs four different game modes, including Barricaded Suspects, VIP Escort, Rapid Delployment, and Co-op.

Each of these modes are team-based, meaning that one team gets to play as SWAT while the others join the ranks of the suspects. Besides the Co-op mode which allows you and four other friends to play the single player missions together, the other three follow objectives like arresting or killing the other team's members, escorting or executing a VIP, and disarming bombs placed throughout the map.

A tactical masterpiece

SWAT 4 manages to provide a solid first-person experience through its mix of realistic gameplay and squad-based tactics. Packing intense single player missions with lots of possible approaches, a wide range of weapons and equipment, and competitive as well as co-operative multiplayer modes, SWAT 4 is one of the titles that you should definitely not miss.

SWAT 4 was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
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