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Build a food empire from the ground up, by coming up with new recipes and hiring entertainment for your guests

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Restaurants are usually places where people go to relax and have fine food cooked specially for them by professional chefs. Thus, it is vital that the location fits the needs of the customers, since people can quickly be annoyed even by the smallest incongruity and leave the restaurant disappointed, warning others not to make the same mistake.

Design and manage a successful restaurant

Restaurant Empire 2 is a tycoon-type game that throws you into the middle of the food serving industry and challenges you to come up with the perfect strategy, in order to become a successful restaurant owner. To achieve this, you must first go through a series of missions, which are designed to asses your behavior in various tricky situations.

In the beginning, you are also allowed to choose from a few different career modes, depending on what you want to do: coffee shop, dessert house or plain old restaurant, all of which require different approaches. Naturally, the list of recipes is entirely different as well, as are the ingredients required in order to keep a stocked kitchen and not run out of food for your customers.

Hire entertainment to keep the guests happy

Although the food is by far the most important factor in a restaurant, the customers most also feel comfortable and relaxed while they are eating it, otherwise it does not really matter how fresh the ingredients are. To help you with this, the game puts a wide array of entertainment activities at your disposal, such as rock bands, circus performers and even live animals, depending on how committed you are to the idea.

To take advantage of the improved graphic engine, the game also features a huge amount of new items that can be used to decorate the restaurants. Thus, a few hundred objects have been added to the ones that were already present, raising the overall number well over a thousand. Thanks to this, no two restaurants ever look the same and you get plenty of design options at your disposal.

Countless hours of gameplay and fun

In the end, Restaurant Empire 2 is the kind of game that can make the hours simply disappear, despite the fact that it is mostly aimed toward casual players that do not put to much time or effort into video games. On the other hand, the large amount of content leaves you no other option than to keep on playing.

Restaurant Empire 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 14th, 2014
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