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An entertaining racing simulator in which you control RC cars across unusual locations, including supermarkets and museums

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Although RC cars can be regarded as just toys, with a little creativity and a lot of crazy ideas you can turn them into a very fun and addictive video game. One game that managed to achieve this is Re-Volt, featuring a wide range of RC car models and a varied selection of unusual tracks to take them for a spin on.

Fun comes in small doses as well

Despite their small size, the cars are just as capable of incredible speeds and daring stunts, especially since the environment allows them to achieve much more unexpected tricks. Thus, a basic sidewalk can turn into a launching ramp for a crazy jump, while a simple basketball can take the lead away from you by flipping your car with unnerving ease.

As far as the tracks are concerned, simple suburban streets can be the host to the ultimate race, as can the corridors of a supermarket or the shelves of a toy store. Depending on the location, you can make use of various shortcuts to surpass your opponents, although you must be very confident in your skills to do so, since they can also cause you to lose control over your ride.

Pick-up weapons to use against the other racers

What makes Re-Volt truly entertaining is the fact that you can pick-up special power-ups throughout the levels, which give you various abilities that can be used to inconvenience your opponents. Hence, you can drop oil behind you and make them slip, use firecrackers to blow them away from the track or throw water balloons at the other cars.

Graphic-wise, the game has exactly what it needs, which is a colorful environment that does not distract you from the race and enough details to make you really believe that you are driving an RC car. The control, on the other hand, is very sensitive and realistic, which can take some time to master before you stop bouncing from wall to wall on your way to the finish line.

Double the fun in multiplayer mode

All in all, Re-Volt is one of the most entertaining racing games you can come across, especially when played in multiplayer when your friends. In addition, the varied selection of tracks and the ever-increasing difficulty can keep you glued to the screen for hours at end, as long as you can get over the inevitable frustration.

Re-Volt Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
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