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Be a train conductor and see how it's like to control steam powered and electric locomotives

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There are a lot of people who can’t resist the beauty of a steam locomotive and the engineering that went into creating it. Their size and the powerful noises they make also contribute to their charm and with the passing of time, even though technological progress has given them new clothes, they still fascinate.

For locomotive enthusiasts, Rail Simulator was a significant step forward in seeing a dream come true, that of being at the controls of a variety of trains.

Plenty of controls for various skill levels

The most important question about Rail Simulator is “do the locomotives have the same controls as the real ones and do they work the same?”. The answer to which is quite obvious, yes. For the train buff, this is excellent news but newcomers will struggle a bit with things because there is a serious lack of documentation and help.

Climbing aboard a steam locomotive you will be left there to ponder about what that lever does, or what happens if you open that valve. However, you can look up tutorials, the web is full of text and video walkthroughs that explain things in detail.

Audio is one of the few things that’s left to enjoy

With Rail Simulator, simulating the actual controls of the locomotive and what goes with the responsibilities of managing a train are well implemented. The downside is that this game will feel rather outdated when it comes to graphics. It’s not horrible, but there are plenty of aspects that don’t make a good impression.

For example, foliage passes through your cabin, passenger animations are rather stiff and a lot of the texture work is bad. Visually, it’s not impressive but at least the sound effects still mimic the voices of the trains. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

A good game but with plenty of flaws

Those who enjoy everything about trains will see Rail Simulator as a good game because it is. Having outdated graphics, on the other hand, takes it down a notch in the must play list but it’s still playable.

Rail Simulator Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 30th, 2015
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