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Check out a captivating tactical first person shooter where you get to play as a patriotic soldier.

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Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In is a first-person shooter game where you will have to help an ex British SAS agent to perform various missions and save the world.

A nuclear weapon threatens to destroy Europe

You will take on the role of David Jones an operative in the Institute for Geo tactical Intelligence (IGI). You've just managed to capture a highly valuable hostage when your helicopter is shut down and Priboi, your hostage, is taken away.

Left with almost no equipment on you, you decide to use your military skills and recover your equipment and hostage. Upon taking the prisoner to interrogation you learn about an evil Russian woman by the name of Ekk who threatens to destroy the entire Europe and conquer the world while everybody recovers from chaos.

Saving the world while using stealth

Labeled as a tactical shooter, IGI will have to sneaking around and using stealth most of the time. If you alert the enemies you mission is as good as lost as all enemies will be drawn to your location. There are several weapons you can choose from: pistol, Uzi, AK47, Dragunov sniper rifle, etc. If you want to be stealthy the weapon of choice is the knife.

On some mission you will be assisted by Captain Harrison, the commander of the allied troops. His aid will be essential so learn how to work as a team.

The father of first-person shooters

Even if some will not be blown away by the graphics of the game, keep in mind that this was revolutionary graphics for the year 2000. This game and others like it paved the road for the FPS games you play today.

Project IGI was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on May 7th, 2014
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