Professional Football Simulator

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An American football simulator that allows you to choose the preferred team, create a league and go through entire seasons as their manager

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While American football may look a lot like rugby, but the concepts are somewhat different and the rules are not the same either. In addition, football is much more popular that rugby, especially in the US, where millions of people watch the Superbowl every year, as well as many other competitions featuring the sport.

Organize and manager your own football league

Professional Football Simulator is a game that allows you to experience the thrill of the sport without even touching a ball, by replacing the players and the harsh conditions on the pitch with a far safer text-based environment. Here, you can practically create your own football universe, complete with customized leagues and tournaments, as well as your favorite teams going head to head against each other.

Beside the fact that you can create your own league, it is also possible to choose from a list of predetermined ones, with the official NFL format being one of the available formats. However, you can adjust every aspect before creating it as well, such as the maximum contract value, the preferred roster size and the overtime format, such as sudden death.

Simulate matches and view the results

Once the league is up and running, you can choose a team and help it win or lose throughout the season. Using the potent simulation engine, the matches take many variables into considerations in order to provide you with realistic results, all of which are viewable in the main panel of your game screen. The schedule, team history and important player information is also displayed on it, in order to keep you updated about everything worthy of mention.

As you advance through the competition and the weeks keep on passing, a lot of information piles up and it becomes more difficult to keep track of it. To help you with this, the game is capable of generating detailed reports regarding match history, players, salaries and various other statistics, all of which can be of great use, depending on the situation.

Massive replay value and plenty of options

In the end, Professional Football Simulator truly delivers when it comes to complexity and the amount of customization options you are provided with, but it is rather disappointing that there aren't too many things you can do with the actual teams and players. Other than that, the game should keep you busy for a long time, especially if you are a fan of the sport.

Professional Football Simulator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on April 20th, 2015
Professional Football Simulator - When you start a new game, you also get to name the league.Professional Football Simulator - A lot of other options can be adjusted as well, such as the salary cap and the max contract.Professional Football Simulator - The main panel displays everything you might need to know about the team and the upcoming matches.Professional Football Simulator - screenshot #4Professional Football Simulator - screenshot #5Professional Football Simulator - screenshot #6

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