Pro Pinball: Timeshock

Timeshock! is based around the scenario of travelling around the earth in different timezones.

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4.0/5 38
Empire Interactive
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Pro Pinball: TimeshockPro Pinball: TimeshockPro Pinball: Timeshock
This download arguably demonstrates how PC games have helped, not hurt, the now-ancient pinball genre. Pro Pinball: Timeshock is probably one of the best pinball games to be rendered in bits.

While staying true to the spirit of its ancestors, Timeshock offers awesome pinball with remarkably smooth graphics. Its digital sound effects enhanced with Dolby Surround Sound delivers a truly immersive experience.

This demo features a fast multi-layered table with vast replay value, where bonuses take you to unique realms of PC pinball. The scoring possibilities seem endless.

Timeshock is based on a rather abstract storyline; that time is crystalline. You'll help a scientist, a citizen of the distant future, save the past. Journey to the beginnings of time to create a counter shock wave and stop the fluid future from destroying the past.

Though it's unclear how this story fits into a pinball game, it doesn't really matter. Using three flippers, you'll rack up the points by smacking the ball into the hidden sections of the table.

The physics of Timeshock are pretty dead-on, meaning that the velocity of ball is usually unpredictable. The game is played with remappable keyboard keys and yes, you can tilt the table in your favor. Timeshock is a hard game to step away from.

You should note that the software requires DirectX, which can be downloaded from our Support File page. Timeshock receives five smileys.

Last updated on December 15th, 2004

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