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PES 6 comes to surprise its fans once more with enhanced player movement, improved ball physics and other great features

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Konami has done it again with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 also called Winning Eleven 10 in Japan and South Korea, bringing fans an improved successor to the popular PES 5 title.

Fresh challenges in an international environment

For the first time in the series, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 introduces a new game mode called International Challenge, that was previously encountered only in the Japanese version of the title.

In the International Challenge Mode, players are able to choose and guide the desired national team through a series of matches somewhat similar with the FIFA World Cup. The mode uses almost the same mechanics as the previously mentioned event and allows users to play with any available nation from Europe, North, Central, and South America, as well as Asia.

Another interesting feature introduced in PES 6 is the Random Selection Match that will automatically pick your team's after you have chosen either one league from the desired region or any four teams from the roster.

The computer will create a new line-up for a fictional team using random players from your selection.

Besides these modes, you will also be able to purchase new players, costumes, goal celebrations, hairstyles, stadiums, and many other items from the in-game shop.

Enhanced multiplayer mode

When it comes to multiplayer, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 makes another introduction to the classic gameplay offered by previous titles in terms of Groups. Creating groups is somewhat similar with managing a guild from any MMORPG game, as it allows players to compete with other groups and increase its level to be able to accept extra members.

Moreover, groups also unlock awesome classic national teams and player costumes after reaching certain levels.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is one of the best PES games ever made and although it didn't manage to bring too many licensed squads/players to the table, the title manages to surpass its rival FIFA 07 thanks to its improved player controls and Master League enhancements.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Demo was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
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