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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 expands on the realism and total control that has become the bedrock of the popular series.

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Football simulation games are always a first choice on a rainy day for those who love the sport. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is another release in the PES series that comes with new features and improved graphics.

Changes made for a better game

This release brings a variety of mostly cosmetic improvements which add a new dose of realism to the game. Player faces are now more accurate which makes it easier for you to emphasise with them when they miss a goal by just a little or are penalized by the referee unfairly.

Snow is introduced to the field along with new weather mechanics and when it’s really cold, you can even see the player’s breath. Rings can be covered with tape and you can select appearance options such as using untucked shirts and under-shorts. Apart from those, the game is also fitted with a wide range of new animations for the players which you will surely enjoy seeing.

Customize everything you need before a match

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 allows you to customize your team in great detail before each match. You are able to change players and set formations so you can utilize all of their strengths and fewer weaknesses. You can even plan a strategy by taking into consideration performance charts for each player you have on your team.

The game provides the means to opt between a balanced formation or one that is set for an all in attack. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 offers a great deal of formation templates to use and experiment with until you find the exact recipe for success, especially since there are new two new positions added to the game, Wing Back and Second Top.

Practice makes perfect

As with all football simulation games, it takes a bit of practice to get a handle on the controls and consequently take over how the game plays out. With a bit of practice and perseverance, you will certainly be able to lead your team to victory in Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 Demo (with voices) was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 9th, 2014
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