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A small game inspired by Conway's Game of Life.




Pixel Universe is a small sandbox simulator where you can create and evolve your own life forms. Populate the universe in any way you like and watch the life forms evolve.

Left-click to bring a cell to life. But remember: cells can only survive if they have 2 or 3 neighbours.
Right-click to kill a cell. Unleash your anger by erasing annoying life forms from existence!
Press "B" to make blue cells.
Press "G" to make green cells.
Press "R" to make random-coloured cells.
Use the arrow keys to control your view of the pixel universe.
Press [Space] to stop time (i.e. pause the simulation), and press [Space] again to continue.
Press [Backspace] to clear the universe, optionally keeping cells which are in view. Use this if overpopulation causes the simulation to run too slowly.
Press [F4] to toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes.
Press [F5] to save the current state of the universe, and press [F6] to reload it.
Press [Esc] to end the simulation.
Last updated on February 10th, 2013
Pixel UniversePixel Universe

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