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An arcade-style racing game that provides you with the chance to control the famous characters from the movie

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Funny animated movies have become more and more popular lately, especially since the technology has evolved enough to make their production more feasible, at an even higher graphic quality level. Suddenly, every object is able to talk and go on adventures, including squirrels, kitchen appliances and now cars.

Experience many iconic moments from the movie

Cars is a movie that pictured the struggle of a certain race car by the name of Lightning McQueen, who's only dream is to win the Piston Cup and be famous for a day. As he tries to achieve this, a variety of obstacles make the road ahead more difficult, but he also makes a lot of friends in the process, who ultimately inspire him to take what he wants from life.

The game at hand is centered around the same idea, more or less, since you also get to play with a variety of other characters, not just McQueen. Over the course of many intense races, funny mini-games and a lot of funny voice acting, the hilarious cars get closer and closer to achieving their purpose and help you bring home the Piston Cup.

Open game-world and many collectible items

Unlike in a regular racing came, Cars features an open world that can be freely explored and is riddled with a variety of challenges and quests that can be completed in the desired order. Thus, you can spend a lot of time around Radiator Springs and get familiar with the characters and the different locations. In addition, you can also pick up a variety of collectible items, which are also taken from the movie and give you various bonuses.

Visually, the game is just as animated and colorful as the original motion picture, although it certainly does not come close to its quality when it comes to textures, animation and fluidity. On the other hand, the entire purpose of the game is to extend the movie experience and provide you with additional content, an objective that is fully achieved through the many side missions and original events you get to experience over the course of the story.

Every bit as fun as the movie

In the end, Cars should please the fans of the motion picture and provide them with more hours of entertainment in the same universe. In addition, the experience is completed by the original voice actor and the hilarious dialogue that's part of the story.

Cars Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 30th, 2014
Cars Demo - You get to race throughout a variety of different locations.Cars Demo - The vehicles are modeled after the characters seen in the movie.Cars Demo - Being last means having the entire road for yourself.Cars Demo - screenshot #4Cars Demo - screenshot #5Cars Demo - screenshot #6

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