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Choose a car, customize it with a variety of improved parts and take part in tournaments

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Phoenix Racing is a simulator that allows you to take part in a variety of races across a multitude of tracks, as well as drive a large selection of cars and customize their components, in order to improve performance. By the end of the game, your car can become the ultimate racing machine and help you win any kind of event.

Modify almost any component from your vehicle

To start off with, it must be mentioned that the game features only five cars, although they all serve different purposes and excel at specific race types. Thus, some models are not that useful in drag races, but they have no match on the circuit, or the other way around. Naturally, this becomes more important in the later stages, when you also get to own up to three cars at once.

Moreover, every model can be improved with better parts, ranging from the actual engine, to transmission and drive shaft. The money you win from races can be used to purchase these components, especially since the cars quickly become obsolete and too weak to compete against the other racers without the proper upgrades.

Show off your driving skills in two game modes

As previously mentioned, there are multiple race types, both of which require different approaches in order to be completed. Hence, while the drag races emphasize on your ability to maintain a steady speed increase and alternate between gears as efficiently as possible, the oval circuit is based on how long can you stay focused on the race and maintain your position.

Lastly, the technical aspects of the game do not really shine when it comes to quality, although the graphics are decent and the soundtrack is interesting, to say the least. However, the car handling is troubling and it does take a while to get used to it, although it becomes quite intuitive after you've had a bit of time to adjust.

A simple racing simulator with not enough ambition

In the end, Phoenix Racing may not represent the pinnacle of the genre, but it can provide you with a few hours of entertainment, as long as you are able to adjust to the controls and the graphics. In addition, the fact that you can upgrade the cars might give you the appropriate incentive to keep on playing.

Phoenix Racing Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 10th, 2014
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