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A city-building game that allows you to rule over the Egyptian civilization and witness their progress and greatness

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City building games are based on your ability to plan ahead and manage a wide array of tasks at the same time, all while keeping the people happy and assuring the expansion of your kingdom over time. Whether it's a space colony in a distant galaxy, or a forgotten civilization here on Earth, the basic mechanics are the same, especially when it comes to resources and how they are managed.

Become a powerful pharaoh in ancient Egypt

Pharaoh is a game designed to provide you with the same experience, this time in the mystical lands of the ancient Egypt. By taking advantage of your increasing influence and the riches spawned by the river Nile, your task is to create a metropolis in the middle of the desert, as well as erect massive monuments and keep the population happy, satisfied and in awe of your godly powers.

Just like in any other city-building game, the beginning is a little rough, because there are a variety of things that can be done and numerous ways to expand your settlement. Over the course of the tutorial missions and with the help of the in-game advisers, you quickly learn how to take advantage of the environment and start building houses, farms and utilities for the people, which in turn thank you by dedicating impressive monuments to your greatness.

Clever gameplay mechanics

There are some features that set Pharaoh apart from the rest of the titles in the genre, especially when it comes to economy and the way you are able to make use of the Nile in order to survive. Thus, by emulating real conditions from Egypt, the farming model is actually based on the flooding seasons of the river, which means that you are entirely dependent on its behavior, if you want to thrive.

In addition, there are also the bloodlines and dynasties, which are basically multiple generations that keep ruling over the city, in order for one of them to become the true pharaoh of the empire in the end. Moreover, the entire game is presented in very detailed and colorful graphics, thanks to the fixed-point perspective and the isometric view of the map.

A complex game with plenty of options

In the end, Pharaoh truly is a fun and complex game, which is capable of providing you with countless hours of fun and entertainment as you keep on assuring that the city is constantly evolving. Moreover, the dynasty gimmick makes sure that you are rewarded for your efforts, whether in the form of better titles and honors, or massive monuments built in your name.

Pharaoh Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 24th, 2014
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