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Enter a prehistoric world where dinosaurs and people live and fight among each other

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In an alternate reality where people live among the dinosaurs and use them to fight in large-scale battles, the world is split into primitive tribes, which have nothing better to do than wage war against each other. Paraworld gives you the change to play a role in this battle and rise your own prehistoric army to defeat whoever stands in your way.

Domesticate dinosaurs and take advantage of their abilities

Since, obviously, the dinosaurs are the main ingredient in this title, there are multiple ways to put their size and strength to good use. Hence, beside fighting, they can also be used to transport objects around the battlefield, or transformed into powerful catapults to hurl heavy boulders into the enemy buildings, in order to bring them down more quickly.

Every dinosaur species has its own special ability and there are over forty different types of them scattered throughout the game, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to the composition of your army. Speaking of which, the units can be trained in the classical RTS way, by simply building the appropriate facility and making sure you have enough resources to spend on them, as well as the required population cap to support the new additions.

Different factions with different styles

In order to bring variety to the gameplay, Paraworld puts three different tribes at your disposal, all of which have their own fighting styles, architecture and units they can train. Thus, one faction may have a slight advantage when it comes to siege weapons, while another uses more lightweight dinosaurs to gain a speed advantage on the battlefield. All of these elements are guaranteed to keep you playing throughout the main campaign, which also features an interesting story line and a large number of scripted cutscenes to explain the events.

The fun can be taken into multiplayer as well, where you are able to face off against up to seven other players on huge maps, filled with forests and various other resources you can gather to fuel your armies. In addition, when you are not too busy fending off attackers, you can admire the exquisite graphic appearance of the game, which really shines when it comes to rendering the majestic dinosaurs that roam the lands.

An original RTS with plenty of good ideas

If nothing else, Paraworld managed to bring together a series of unusual elements, which, when seen in action together, appear to blend with each other quite well. Thus, if you are fan of the real-time strategy genre, the title at hand is definitely worth a try and a few hours of dinosaur battle royale.

Paraworld Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 24th, 2014
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