Neighbours from Hell

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An incredibly funny point-and-click game where you have to make your neighbor's life a living hell.

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Neighbours from Hell is a very hilarious game about a reality show where you star as the main character and your daily task is to disturb your neighbor usual life by playing all kinds of tricks on him.

A dish of revenge served cold

Take on the role of Woody who's seeking revenge on his neighbor Mr. Rottweiler. What better way to make the neighbor angry than to play all kinds of jokes on him. If they appear on a reality show, it's even better.

If you need help with your tasks, you'll get it from Joe, the director of this fun show.

Playing jokes on an unsuspecting neighbor

Each stage (level) will have several rooms where you can move Woody. It's very important that you're never in the same room with Mr. Rottweiler or you must restart the level again. There are situation when it's imperative to be in the same room as your neighbor and when this happens you must hide in the closed or under the bed.

Playing tricks is just like playing an adventure game: you will have to search the house for objects you can use and use the objects in order to disrupt the routine of Mr. Rottweiler. For example put glue on his binoculars and make them stick to its face or mess with his antenna so the TV doesn't work.

The neighbor will have help from his two loving pets: the guard dog and the parrot named Chilli. Each time one of these character sees you, it will alert the master. In order to pass them you will have to move very quietly by using the sneak function (right click with the mouse).

Laugh until your belly hurts and then just a bit more

The game's main goal is to amuse and that's why almost all the situations will make you laugh. The tricks Woody plays on his unsuspecting neighbor are just like the one's Macaulay Culkin use to play on the thieves that wanted to rob his home.

Neighbours from Hell was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on May 7th, 2014
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