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Need for Speed Carbon immerses you into the world's most dangerous and adrenaline-filled form of street racing

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EA's Need for Speed franchise has made quite a name for itself thanks to the constant improvements brought with each installment that revolutionized the racing genre. With Carbon, EA continues the story from NFS Most Wanted, with less emphasis on police chases and more on team play through the introduction of crews.

You can't escape your past life

After escaping from the police in Rockport (the main location in NFS Most Wanted), you make your way to Palmont City only to discover that former police sergeant Cross is now a bounty hunter and still on your tail.

Upon losing the race against Cross, and almost get arrested, a new racer called Darius along with his crew comes and pays off Cross, insuring your safety. With your car destroyed and no reputation on the streets of Palmont, you will now have to challenge the crews that hold the districts of the city and defeat them one by one.

Prove your skills in the all new Canyon events

The new Career Mode is focused on conquering the city alongside your crew, while introducing a few new features including three unique car classes, wingmen and even an online mode.

Speaking of classes, in Carbon cars are divided into Muscles, Exotics, and Tuners, giving you a single choice when starting the game, a choice that will also affect future car unlocks.

While Most Wanted saw the removal of drift events, in Carbon you will once again feel the asphalt tremble under your wheels as you skillfully drift through various twisted circuits and canyons.

Besides that, the focus of the game is shifted towards the new canyon events that take place in two stages and are heavily inspired by the Japanese Touge races.

Police pursuits weren't left aside and although based on the same system, the arrest tactics have been revised and made less dominant in high pursuit levels.

As in previous titles, you can customize any car to your liking, but Carbon makes a step forward and introduces the Autosculpt mode which allows players to further change the look of each aftermarket car part.

A deep racing simulator with solid gameplay

Need for Speed: Carbon improves upon the features introduced with previous versions and thanks to the new customization options, game modes, and enhanced career mode, it manages to offer a solid gameplay with tons of action packed moments.

Need for Speed Carbon Demo was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
Need for Speed Carbon Demo - From the main screen you can choose the class you want to choose your car from.Need for Speed Carbon Demo - Using the new Autosculpt mode you can customize your rides just how you want it.Need for Speed Carbon Demo - Select the desired race and get ready to face some tough competition from rival crews.Need for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon DemoNeed for Speed Carbon Demo

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