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Mount and Blade places you in a dynamic world alive with action and detail. Enjoy!

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Mount & Blade is an action role-playing game set in a medieval open-world environment in which the player can become whoever he wants, whether by joining one of the five battling factions or roaming as an outlaw.

A medieval sandbox adventure like no other

The game takes you to a land torn apart by war, a land in which five different factions are battling each other for supremacy. In this setting you step as an unknown hero with apparently no goal, as the game has no actual story line to follow.

The goal in Mount & Blade is whatever you choose it to be and since this is a sandbox adventure game, the possibilities are quite vast. At first you don't have any army or followers, but that will change soon after you begin vising a few villages and asking villagers to join your cause.

With a few volunteers on your side you can start engaging in combat with outlaws in order to build a reputation and increase your commanding abilities.

Lead your troops to victory and conquer the land

As soon as you've gathered a small army and won a few battles, your renown will increase allowing you to recruit even more troops and achieve a higher standing. Faction relations can be increased by visiting castles and completing quests which will also give you the possibility to be offered vassalage over a small fief.

Moreover, solving quests will award you with experience points that can be used to increase your hero's skills, attributes, and proficiencies with particular weapons. The last one will also be automatically improved by using weapons specific to each category.

Battles are very intense in Mount & Blade, especially after you've gathered lots of different troops under your command. While taking part in battles and leading your troops, you can also give them orders and surprise the enemy when he's least expecting it.

Have a taste of realistic medieval warfare

Mount & Blade manages to offer a great medieval warfare experience which thanks to its open-world approach gives players the freedom to play the game as they see fit.

Whether you plan on joining one of the factions, fighting as a mercenary or step on the other side of the law as an outlaw, Mount & Blade provides everything you need to feel like a real medieval Lord.

Mount and Blade was reviewed by Cosmin Anton
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
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