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Overtake the competition, perform wild tricks and win championships in this motorbike simulator

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Motocross events involve fast bikes, a lot of dirt and an unnatural amount of ramps, all of which result into intense races and spectacular jumps. Obviously, with all of these elements combined, some of the competitors are bound to fall or crash, to the delight of the crowd.

Push your bike to the limit

Motocross Mania allows you to take part in these competitions and do your best not to break anything in the process, although that's easier said than done. With the possibility to choose from a variety of motorbikes and customize the driver according to your own preferences, the game also features an extensive array of race modes, including stadium-based circuits and various other outdoor challenges that put your resistance to the test.

The environments vary greatly as well, from desert landscapes with nothing more than sand dunes everywhere, to tropical forests and basic motorcross tracks. In case you want to explore the world a bit more and not be limited by the automatic respawn feature, the freestyle mode allows you to simply scour the map and find the best spots and ramps that can be used for tricks.

Perform wild acrobatics and tricks

Another important factor in these races are the tricks that can be performed while you hang in the air, jumping from one ramp to the other. Although these entertain the crowd to no end, they are also quite dangerous, since every wrong move or miscalculation can quickly cause you to land without your hands on the handles and witness some gruesome falls.

To render these inevitable falls, a powerful physics engine has been used, which is also responsible for depicting the bike movements and reactions to various terrains. Additionally, the graphic quality is decent as well, especially when it comes to the environments and the motorbikes that are part of the race, thanks to the high-resolution textures and accurate models.

Endless hours of fun in freestyle mode

In the end, Motocross Mania can provide you with dozens of hours of entertainment, especially in the freestyle mode, where there are no rules imposed on you. Additionally, the fun can be extended in the multiplayer mode as well, where people from around the world can compete against each other in a variety of game modes.

Motocross Mania Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 6th, 2014
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