Monster Trucks Nitro

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An arcade racing game that features monster trucks and a variety of challenging tracks

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Monster trucks are capable of performing many amazing tricks, but most of them involve crushing smaller objects under their huge wheels. Thus, whenever you stumble upon such a game, you can be sure that it will feature vast amounts of destruction and a considerable dose of entertainment as well.

Sprint across obstacle-ridden tracks

Monster Trucks Nitro tells you almost everything you need to know in its title, since that is, in short, what you should expect from the game. The main goal is to use your vehicle to flash across crazy tracks, by jumping over obstacles and avoid rolling over. In addition, you can also charge head-first into objects, including other cars, logs or rocks, which are usually no match for your ride.

The tracks are set into a variety of different settings, all of which are meant to provide you with certain challenges to make them memorable. Your purpose, usually, is to reach the finish line as fast as you can, in order to unlock the next stage and use your points to buy new vehicles. Along the way, you can also pick-up speed boosts and perform stunts, to please the crowd.

Earn medals and unlock new vehicles

Depending on the time you obtain across each track, you can be awarded with a medal. In addition, each lap time is recorded and you can even compete against other players, by advancing through the in-game leaderboards. Although the medals do not bring you any usable advantages, they do serve as bragging rights, since they are usually pretty tough to receive.

Beside unlocking new tracks, each highscore also brings you the opportunity to make use of new trucks, which fare much better than the default ones. In addition, by collecting nitro tanks, you can unleash each truck's special power, most of which can be employed in order to score even faster times across the levels.

Appropriate graphics and convincing physics engine

Technically speaking, Monster Trucks Nitro features cute and detailed graphics, which is capable of rendering quite the large amount of details when it comes to the tracks and vehicles. Moreover, the physics engine is very well refined, although you cannot actually steer the trucks. Thus, in essence, you can easily kill an entire afternoon with this game, or even more if you enjoy a challenge and you want to break every record.

Monster Trucks Nitro was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 11th, 2014
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