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An inventive puzzle game in which you have to find and safely dig out a bunch of explosive moles

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Humor can take your mind off the bad side of things, which is why it happens to be a great tool in the entertainment industry. Hence, even if a game may not excel when it comes to story, gameplay mechanics or the graphics quality, everything can be ignored as long as you get a good laugh out of the events unfolding on the screen.

Exploding moles invade the village

Mole Control is the type of game that revolves around a very weird concept, yet it pretends that everything is normal and even makes up some rules to support the ludicrous idea. Thus, the story involves a couple of exploding moles that have been unleashed upon your village and they must be eliminated before they get a chance to do some serious damage.

However crazy that might sound, the game integrates this concept into the gameplay, by taking Minesweeper as an example and basically using the very same mechanics. The difference is that you use a UFO-like vehicle to slowly inspect the lawn and the bombs are replaced by genetically engineered exploding moles. Naturally, the laughs are guaranteed and you definitely won't be too sad to lose the game a few times, at lease in the beginning.

Lovely graphics and plenty of humor

Beside the mechanics themselves, an intricate background story has also been written to explain the events taking place on screen. As you might expect, none of it makes sense, but the humor involved is very well-made and you can find yourself laughing during mission briefings, or while reading the various pamphlets and information files regarding the moles.

To go along with the silly theme, a colorful and cartoonish graphics engine is employed as well, which depicts a wacky-looking world and barely a single straight line throughout the environment. Moreover, the moles and the characters that appear in cutscenes are hand drawn and they are designed too look as funny as possible.

Fun and frustration go hand in hand

In the end, Mole Control manages to create a unique experience and provide you with quite a few hours of fun. However, the levels might get frustrating after a while and you might end up playing less and less, at least until you forget about it and stumble into the game again.

Mole Control was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 27th, 2014
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