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A multiplayer FPS that features huge maps, vehicles and a wide array of weapons to choose from

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Mobile Forces is a multiplayer first-person shooter that throws you into the middle of an interesting conflict, complete with vehicles, a wide variety of game modes and plenty of weapons to use on your opponents. Since the main idea behind the game is the mobility of the players that are part of the action, the vehicles are an important part of the gameplay.

Experience a wide range of game modes

The title at hand features quite a large number of game modes, both online and in single player. Although you can easily participate in classic deathmatch or capture the flag sessions, you can also enjoy slightly more original modes, such as Holdout, Detonation and Safecracker, depending on your preferences. Regardless of the chosen mode, the core mechanics are the same, which means that you can easily switch from one game type to the other and use the same skills to survive.

Before you spawn, you are given the opportunity to choose the desired loadout, by selecting weapons and equipment for a predefined list of options. Here, you can find anything from rifles, to snipers and rocket launchers, depending on your role in the team. In addition, you get to carry a knife and a pistol by default, as well as equip a couple of grenades.

Make the most out of the vehicles

An interesting gimmick that adds fluidity to the gameplay is the addition of vehicles, which can be used to move faster across the maps. Due to that, the maps are significantly larger than they would be otherwise, since it takes quite a while to cross them on foot. Although there are only two types of vehicles, namely a jeep and a buggy, their presence is more than welcomed and they can prove to be invaluable on multiple occasions.

Although the game uses the Unreal engine in order to render the environment, it could have used a bit more work when it comes to modeling, since the characters are a bit bulky. On the other hand, the maps and the vast landscapes they portray look more than decent from a visual standpoint, while the vehicles are nicely rendered as well.

A good idea that required more polishing

All in all, Mobile Forces came up with a few good ideas, but they are not too well implemented and the gameplay suffers from it. Thus, although there are many game modes to choose from, they all feel repetitive after a few rounds, even if you get to play with friends over the Internet.

Mobile Forces Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 27th, 2014
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