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Create a virtual world while fighting monsters in this cool game

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Minecraft is building / survival game with unique graphics and gameplay which has attracted millions of players from all over the world.

The cube textured visuals are one of the most controversial thing about Minecraft, while some say that are just perfect for providing enough fun using even low-end PC's, other state that the 3D procedurally generated world does not have enough quality for the game to be attractive. I say a game is different for each player and even if retro graphics are not your thing, give Minecraft a try and it just might surprise you.

What mode is best suited for you?

Freedom of choice is among the most acclaimed things about Minecraft. There are several modes you can try and Survival is one of the most popular. All modes are played in a first-person perspective and in this one you will have to use various tools and blocks in order to survive against monsters.

You start out on an infinite, open world that features a wide variety of microclimates starting with icy desert, to lush jungles and ending with dry sand dunes. Besides plants, these places are inhabited by mobs: various animals that can be hunted for food and tools, and hostile mobs, or the monsters that come out at night and against which you must use tools, weapons, armor and shelters.

If the Survival gives players a lot of freedom, it is still restricted by things like hunger and monsters. In the Creative you will have no such restrictions. Imagine yourself a God over an endless world. You will have access to all resource in the game and the things you create depend only on your imagination. Monuments, famous building and even entire cities have been created by fans of Minecraft.

If you want to be more challenged and are getting tired of Survival, you can try out the Adventure mode. This is a somewhat recent addition to Minecraft (starting with version 1.3) and has quickly come to be one of the favorite mode of users. In this mode you will be able to test your skills while being obstructed by the setting: things such as building interdictions or not being able to build without the proper tools can be quite challenging.

The Multiplayer mode gives you the possibility to enjoy the game while working together or against friends, family or just random strangers. Using official servers or private one, this is where Minecraft really shines and offers you the opportunity to enjoy other famous games or movies using custom made maps: try your luck in the Hunger Games, explore the world of Zelda, fight using Pokemons or even enter the Matrix!

One of the best things that happened to gaming in a long time

What's so great about the game you ask? Well, the freedom. You will be able to create a world or a setting just like you've always dreamed of. Or maybe you want to relive adventure from other famous games or movies. Or you just want to explore various user-created maps and scenarios.

The possibilities are just endless and with constant upgrades and updates, the developers bring something new to each version. Adding a huge community which constantly supplies the game with maps and scenarios and this could turn out to be a gamer's dream come true.

Minecraft was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
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