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A visceral first-person shooter that allows you to play as a paratrooper and parachute into the middle of the action

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Whenever World War II is involved, video games portray the action is a very similar manner, with you trying to overwhelm the enemy positions, or defending yourself from an invasion instead. However, the missions themselves cannot really be replayed too many times, since they always evolve in pretty much the same manner and there aren't too many surprises waiting for you.

Jump directly into the action

Medal of Honor: Airborne, however, tries to give you a choice before the mission even begins, by allowing you to choose the spot from where to start playing. In addition, the AI reacts very differently to your actions as well and it learns to accommodate to your style, while also taking full advantage of the environment and making it really tricky for you to take them by surprise.

As the name gives it away, the action revolves around a paratrooper division and their achievements in the second World War. Since you have to parachute into the action at the beginning of each mission, you can freely choose the place to land on the map, which allows you to come up with different tactics each time and replay the scenarios as often as you like. However, you must also try to avoid heavily fortified positions, otherwise you won't even make it to the ground in one piece.

Historically accurate battles

In order to assure that you really get into the war atmosphere and experience every second of action, the developers put a lot of effort into the actual environments and accurate depictions of war machinery. Hence, a lot of things happen around you at once, while every gun and engine sound is as authentic as it can get, considering that they have been recorded specifically for the game.

Moreover, the visual quality is impressive as well, thanks to the heavily modified Unreal 3 engine that beautifully renders the environments and the characters themselves. However, regardless of how good the game looks, feels and sounds, the missions can get a bit repetitive after a while, even if they are not linear. That's mostly because the objectives rarely change you are generally trying to blow something up or hold a position, and nothing else.

A visceral shooter with plenty to offer

All in all, Medal of Honor: Airborne is definitely a title worth playing, especially if you are looking for a slightly different approach to the conflict. In addition, the atmosphere is specific to the series and you certainly won't notice the few hours of the main campaign go by.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 24th, 2014
Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - Things are pretty intense even before the jump.Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - Once you jump, everything depends on your ability to guide yourself toward the best landing zones.Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - Other soldiers will join the fight on your side as well.Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - screenshot #4Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - screenshot #5Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - screenshot #6Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - screenshot #7Medal of Honor: Airborne Demo - screenshot #8

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