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A war parody in which you play as an army recruit trying to complete missions and earn shiny medals

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Because death is a common occurrence during a war, the fact that it is not a pleasant activity has been well established over the centuries. Hard facts and common sense do not apply in the war, however, which is why there are still plenty of them taking place in different corners of the world. One is free to poke fun at them, on the other hand, even if it’s just to take everyone’s minds off the absurdity of the situation.

Earn shiny medals and keep your pants on

Medal Wars is a retro-style action-RPG that’s basically a parody on war and the military itself, with the added benefit of letting you shoot things every now and again. The main goal is to complete missions and earn medals for your efforts, while also having a taste of the military life and everything that comes along with the honor of serving your country.

You start off as a new recruit trying to get the hang of things, as you explore the base you have been assigned to. The war in question is a fictional one, but it does have some similarities with real conflicts from history. Everything around the boot camp is either ludicrous, exaggerated, or both, given the fact that most of the characters resemble something you might see in a comic book, not behind enemy lines. The entire game is presented in a comic book-style manner, so maybe that’s not very surprising after all.

Level up and upgrade your weapons

The camp is where you return after every mission you complete and it is also the place that houses a few vital buildings, such as the HQ where you are given the missions, a shop where you can buy items, an upgrade merchant to improve your weapons, and your personal tent. The latter can be used to sleep and regain your health, as well as store your hard-earned medals and view your stats.

The humour is not only visible in the dialogue and the general theme itself, but also in the visual style as well. As previously mentioned, every character has exaggerated features and most of the cutscenes include hilarious sections to make you smile. Moreover, a representative soundtrack keeps the game pace steady, coupled with an assortment of funny sound effects to spice up the atmosphere.

A memorable experience that keeps you going back for more

Regardless on your opinions on war and the military, Medal Wars should be able to make you relax and enjoy a good joke, as long as you do not take anything too personal. It is a parody after all, so the situations and the general approach to war and death probably have nothing to do with how anyone feels about the real tragedies that take place around the world.

Medal Wars Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on March 13th, 2015
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