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Explore dangerous locations and take advantage of your off-road vehicle to best your opponents in daring races

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Unlike city cars, off-road vehicles are designed to handle almost any kind of terrain, as well as to be resistant to powerful shocks, without causing too much discomfort to the driver. Thus, everything from the suspension to the type of tires used is important if you decide to match your skills against the nature, otherwise you will get stuck in a matter of minutes.

Explore vast landscapes in different locations

MOTORM4X: Offroad Extreme is a racing simulator that emphasizes on realism and off-road challenges, by featuring realistic car behavior in harsh conditions and a couple of suitable locations for you to take the vehicles for a spin. As such, you can explore deserts and the ice-buried Alaska in search for adrenaline, as well as cruise through unending alpine woods.

As far as the realism is concerned, the cars act pretty close to reality, but only when it comes to the way they handle bumps in the terrain, since it is a real pleasure to see the suspension working its magic. On the other hand, the rest of the game kind of disregards any form of realism, since you can fly off mountains and survive with just a bent spoiler. In addition, although there is a damage system implemented, the vehicle basically has a few states of physical appearance and it switches between then as you hit objects throughout the game world.

Freestyle racing without any rules

When you are done wandering aimlessly around the map, you notice that the game puts a few racing modes at your disposal as well, which allow you to compete against the AI. Hence, the four different race types are pathfinder, trial, longrun and regular race, none of which is particularly revolutionary, but they are fun enough to keep you playing for a while.

Fortunately, the game does feature a very detailed graphic engine that is capable of reproducing very high-resolution textures and good-looking post-processing effects, including motion blur. The graphic quality translates into breathtaking looking environments as well, not to mention the fact that there is also the matter of different weather conditions and climates.

A good idea that required more polishing

MOTORM4X: Offroad Extreme started with a few good ideas, but somehow managed to rush the job on the way and it left out some important aspects from the final product. Despite that, you can still have some serious fun with the game, although it could have been much more than this, with a little more effort.

MOTORM4X: Offroad Extreme Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 23rd, 2014
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