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A flight simulator that allows you to take control over a variety of fighter jets and wreak havoc on your enemies

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When it comes to war, aircraft is an indispensable tool nowadays, since they are used for espionage, bombings, troop deployment and aerial confrontations, which basically covers almost all aspects of war. On the other hand, piloting a plane is no easy task, since the pilots require a lot of training in order to manage all the controls and obliterate an enemy village in the process.

Intense dogfights and accurate flight model

Lock On: Modern Air Combat is a game that brings you the excitement of aerial conflict and provides you with the opportunity to ride into the cockpit of a variety of war planes, all of which are equipped to deliver maximum damage to their targets and get out without a scratch as well. In addition, they are also designed to be quite fast and stay under the radar, in order to avoid detection.

To provide you with all of the above, Lock On includes a highly realistic flight model, which reacts to your every action and takes into account almost every factor when it comes to aerodynamics, wind and various other forces that act on the planes as they cruise along up above the clouds. Naturally, this translates into a rather steep difficulty curve and hard-to-grasp controls, especially if you decide to use the keyboard.

Exquisite graphics and plenty of missions

Although there are very few aircraft models available for you to try out, there are modeled as close to the real thing as possible, both on the outside and inside the cockpit. Hence, each button, switch and piece of fuselage looks incredibly well, which only adds to the overall atmosphere. However, the environment hasn't received the same amount of attention, which is clearly visible in some situations and at lower altitudes.

In order to take advantage of the superior fire power and put the planes to the test, the game provides you with a lot of different missions and scenarios to play through, including intense aerial dogfights, ground bombings and a variety of other tasks that push your skills to the limit and give you a taste of a typical day in a military pilot's career.

Realistic physics to add to the atmosphere

In the end, Lock On: Modern Air Combat brings together all the right elements in order to deliver a memorable experience, especially when it comes to graphics, realism and the flight model. On the other hand, it could have used a few more planes and slightly more detailed landscapes.

Lock On: Modern Air Combat Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on November 5th, 2014
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