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The Marvel Universe is filled with Lego characters. Use the to save Earth from destruction!

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Marvel has created hundreds of heroes and villains over the years, some of which are legendary enough to receive their own Hollywood productions, such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and a few others. However, it was The Avengers that brought some of them together into a real blockbuster that made everyone go nuts about superheroes again.

Play as your favorite Marvel heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is part of the legendary action-adventure series that mashes together the LEGO universe with anything from Batman, to Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Now, you can finally enjoy the ultimate mashup, since this title contains the greatest variety of superheroes ever, including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and many others, all of which can be used throughout the levels.

Naturally, there is a plot driving the events from mission to mission, but it doesn’t take itself very seriously and it certainly should not affect the actual experience in any way. Hence, Loki together with a bunch of other famous villains are trying to build the ultimate weapon, one that can basically destroy the entire world and everyone along with it.

Switch between characters or play in co-op

In case you are not familiar with the LEGO games, the main goal is for you to defeat wave after wave of enemies, while tackling various puzzles, collecting LEGO pieces and making use of your abilities to interact with the environment. In singleplayer, you can instantly switch between the two characters at any time, while in co-op mode each player controls one of the superheroes. New heroes are unlocked if you find the gold pieces, although they also become available as you advance through the main campaign, since they are essential in certain situations.

Graphics-wise, the designers really outdid themselves and created a very dynamic and good-looking world. The characters are highly detailed and nicely animated, while the environments are rich and always full of surprises. Naturally, a coat of post-processing effects makes everything look more movie-like, which greatly improves the overall experience.

Plenty of good humor to keep you laughing

In the end, the dialogue is just as funny as it ever was and there are plenty of humorous situations to have a laugh at throughout the game. Thus, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is definitely worthy to be in your collection, especially if you can appreciate the massive amounts of content and the intuitive gameplay mechanics.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on February 6th, 2015
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