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Drive a truck through the desert as fast as you can, with no one to bother you and no corners to negotiate

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Being a truck driver may sound exciting at first, considering the fact that you get to drive a huge machine all around the country, but the job gets rather boring after a while. In essence, having to pay attention to the road a few hours every day is not as fun as it seems, especially after fatigue kicks in and you have to work extra hard just to navigate the traffic.

Drive in a straight line for as long as you want

Keep on Truckin' works on a very simple principle and it aims to provide you with a chance to relax when you have nothing better to do, although this might not help as much either. In essence, all you have to do is to keep driving in a straight line through the desert, while trying not to touch the sand, otherwise you slow down to a crawl and won’t be able to continue.

The game is basically a remake of the old classic Desert Bus, only it features some kind of truck instead. Since all you see is a steering wheel and some very dull-looking desert all around you, it may as well be a bus or anything else for that matter. Keeping the pedal to the medal is your only solution, although you reach the maximum speed relatively quickly anyway.

Stay on the track and mind the bumps

One thing that’s truly annoying at the game is the fact that you can learn the entire route in about five minutes, because it is basically the same 200m stretch of road repeated ad infinitum. Not only that, but there is absolutely nothing decorating the surrounding environment, not to mention the fact that you cannot turn the truck to face the other way, or go more than five feet from the road before hitting an invisible wall.

The visual quality of the game is reminiscent of Desert Bus as well, because everything looks ancient and basic. However, this might prove to be a good thing after all, since it translates into only a few kilobytes of data anyone can download and play. Not only that, but the system requirements are incredibly low as well, which should work wonders on slower computers.

An interesting experience for when you are bored

Keep on Truckin' may have good inspiration behind it, but it’s still way too simple to be fun for more than two minutes. The lack of detail in the environment and the absence of any kind of hud, or indicators about the distance driven manage to get you bored incredibly quick.

Keep on Truckin' Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 7th, 2015
Keep on Truckin' Demo - Everything about the game is as simple as possible, including the graphics.Keep on Truckin' Demo - There are ups and downs, as well as long stretches of straight road.Keep on Truckin' Demo - The desert spans all around the road.Keep on Truckin' Demo - screenshot #4Keep on Truckin' Demo - screenshot #5Keep on Truckin' Demo - screenshot #6Keep on Truckin' Demo - screenshot #7Keep on Truckin' Demo - screenshot #8

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