James Bond 007: Nightfire

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Take on the role of a worlds most famous British secret agent and complete your missions.

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James Bond 007: Nightfire is an action game played in the first-person perspective where you’ll be able to experience first-hand how it’s like to be a secret agent.

When the world is about to be destroyed who do you call? James Bond, of course

Industrialist Raphael Drake plans to turn the world to ashes and he's wants to use nuclear firepower to make sure his plans succeed. James Bond and French Intelligence operative Dominique Paradis need to stop him so while the female agent infiltrates Drake's castle, James Bond travels across the globe ruining the evil plans.

From Austria to Tokyo and all the way to Drake's private island, James Bond will make good use of his special agent skills in order to take down an entire army of enemies and even deadly ninjas.

James Bond makes saving the world look easy

James Bond 007: Nightfire s is a first-person shooter game which means you'll have to make good use of your aiming skills. Some missions will require a lot of stealth, others are just about shooting your way through tons of opponents. The driving sequences are a nice addition to the game and make it look more realistic.

The multiplayer game allows you to play in online matches, to challenges your friends in local fights and even improve your skills against AI enemies. There are lots of different levels available for multiplayer games including the sub docking pen from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Benefit from an arsenal that would make a small country proud

Through the course of various mission, James Bond will gain access to lots of different weapons. When it comes to classic handguns there are classic pistols, revolvers and even silencers. The assault weapons are pretty powerful and mostly automatic. Players will even be able to enjoy tactical sniper rifles as the Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle or the Winter Tactical Sniper Rifle.

Besides the normal weapons, James Bond has a set of cool items that would make a super agent proud: the cellphone is actually a grappling hook, the zippo lighter turns into a state of the art camera, the fountain pen will shoot deadly arrow towards enemies and the wristwatch benefits from a powerful laser.

Depending on how good are their shooting skills, players will be able to choose between three difficulty levels: Operative, Agent and 00 Agent.

Step into the shoes of the British Secret Intelligence Service 007 agent

Fast cars, breathtaking landscape, state of the art technology, powerful weapons and let's not forget about the beautiful girls. This is what you'll find in this James Bond game. Even if the graphics are not state of the art, all these cool things should keep you entertained while making sure humanity lives to see another day.

James Bond 007: Nightfire was reviewed by Alexandru Niculaita
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
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