Intruder's Thunder 2

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Infiltrate military facilities and try to escape unharmed in this simple top-down stealth game

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Stealth games require quite a bit of patience, given the fact that most shooters nowadays emphasize on your ability to shoot the enemies as quickly and as messy as possible. Hence, sneaking around and avoiding enemy contact seems counter-intuitive, but stealth titles can be a lot of fun, especially if they are made right and there’s enough pleasure to keep you invested in the action.

Infiltrate enemy bases and get out alive

Intruder's Thunder 2 is a very basic, top-down stealth game in which you have to undertake a variety of dangerous missions, most of which involve you having to infiltrate into enemy buildings and sometimes even accomplish a few other objectives. In essence, the entire gameplay is centered around your ability to stay hidden and avoid contact, although you can also perform quick kills if you really have to.

As such, your main concern is to stick to the shadows, although the gameplay mechanics do not really take light into account. Instead, you must hide in corners and basically not stand in the enemy’s line of sight in order to stay alive. However, you can also find guns and use them to kill everyone that tries to stop, a trick that’s a lot easier said than done, considering the fast-paced nature of the game.

Basic graphics and simple control scheme

No one should stumble into any problems when it comes to actually playing the game, because the controls are simple and you only need to move around and shoot from time to time. You do not need your mouse at all, which means that you can concentrate your attention on the screen. Certain power-ups can be picked up as well, including medkits that rejuvenate your health.

Graphics-wise, everything is as basic as it can get, including the characters, the environments, and the actual engine itself. There are barely any animations and some of the randomly generated levels are actually comprised out of only two different textures. However, it doesn’t really have a profound impact on the gameplay, because the challenge of sneaking around unseen is enough to keep you distracted from the visual aspect.

Plenty of randomly generated content to keep you busy

All things considered, Intruder's Thunder 2 is still work in progress, but the underlying idea is strong enough to be a good choice for gamers even now. Thus, if you enjoy stealth and you do not mind the poor graphics, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Intruder's Thunder 2 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 10th, 2015
Intruder's Thunder 2 - You can either start a new game, or go through the tutorial to learn the basics.Intruder's Thunder 2 - In order to pass the missions, you must complete a variety of objectives.Intruder's Thunder 2 - Sneaking around the enemies should be your main strategy at all times.Intruder's Thunder 2 - screenshot #4Intruder's Thunder 2 - screenshot #5Intruder's Thunder 2 - screenshot #6

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