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Create an army of genetically engineered animals and use them to fight against the enemy villains

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Every RTS game out there basically follows the same concepts, when stripped down to its core. From time to time, a new idea is introduced, which, in most cases breaks the natural order of the gameplay mechanics and turns out to be quite the letdown in the end. Impossible Creatures, on the other hand, managed to avoid such mistakes and came up with an ingenious new addition to the genre, around which the entire game is based.

Create an army of mutant animals

Beside gathering resources and expanding your base, the main goal of any strategy game is to raise a powerful army and use it to defeat your enemy. This is the case of Impossible Creatures as well, with the difference being that the soldiers are animals and you can genetically engineer them by crossbreeding species among each other, for improved abilities. Thus, if your idea of the perfect warrior is a combination between a wolf and a wolverine, you are free to try it out on the battlefield.

Before each match, you can create a new army from scratch, by designing a new set of creatures, or you can select one of your previous setups, which can be saved for future use. Alternatively, it is also possible to choose one of the built-in armies, in case you cannot be bothered to spend your creativity on originality. Regardless of your choice, the game also allows you to choose whether you want to play in campaign mode, or you just want to match your skills against a computer opponent.

Build, gather and expand your base

The three main RTS gimmicks are present as well, since, when you are not using mutant grizzly bears to fight, your attention is directed toward making sure that you have enough resources to train more grizzly bears. Thus, your workers are able to gather coal from the available mines, while the other required resource, electricity, is acquired with the help of special buildings that generate it automatically.

From a technical standpoint, the game shines across the board, starting from the detailed graphics and the refined path-finding mechanics for units, all the way to the exquisite soundtrack and impeccable sound effects. The same can be said about the story, which takes you through quite the adventure and pits you against a variety of villains that need to be stopped from achieving the usual evil plans.

A strategy game with innovative ideas

In the end, Impossible Creatures perfectly integrates the custom army builder and provides you with countless possibilities when it comes to its composition. In addition, the rest of the game elements seamlessly blend together to create one of the most entertaining and interactive strategy games out there.

Impossible Creatures Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2014
Impossible Creatures Demo - You can combine different types of animals and give them the desired names.Impossible Creatures Demo - At the beginning of each match, you are given a few workers and a main base to help you get started.Impossible Creatures Demo - As you gather resources, you can start constructing additional buildings and unlock more powerful actions.Impossible Creatures Demo - screenshot #4Impossible Creatures Demo - screenshot #5Impossible Creatures Demo - screenshot #6

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