Hunting Unlimited 2010

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A hunting simulator that enables you to track and kill a variety of animals, across a wide range of locations around the world

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Hunting has been a valuable skill every since the mankind first evolved, since it allowed us to survive by killing other animals. Nowadays, hunting is more of a sport, which is sometimes regarded as cruel and unnecessary, although some people still practice it in order to provide their family with food, especially in the more remote areas of the world.

Become an experienced hunter and take down a variety of animals

Hunting Unlimited 2010 is a video game that allows you to practice your hobby without endangering the actual animals, by providing you with a very realistic hunting simulator. Thus, you can scour the forests and jungles of the world in the search for the desired game and never leave your chair, as well as take part in various challenges to put your hunter skills to the test.

You can find a wide variety of species among the included animals, all of which can be found in specific locations around the world and nowhere else. Hence, beside the usual deer and turkey, you can also hunt slightly more exotic game, such as lions, grizzly bears and elk. In addition, some of the more dangerous animals can also fight back, requiring you to be accurate when you make the shot, in order to avoid being mauled afterward.

Use a variety of weapons to put down your prey

As far as the available arsenal is concerned, the game puts a wide range of guns at your disposal, including rifles, crossbows and even shotguns, all of which offer certain advantages when you are hunting for a specific animal. Beside the weapons, you are also provided with binoculars, scopes and bait to aid you in the hunt, as well as decoys to trick the animals into coming out of their hiding places.

In case you do not find the over 100 hunting missions that come with the game attractive enough, you can also choose to play in “Free hunt” mode, where you can set up every parameter and choose the animals that are present in the chosen environment. Furthermore, you can also modify the time of the day at the beginning of the hunt, as well as the rarity for each of the selected species.

Lose yourself in the game for hours at end

Since you usually have to move very slowly and track the animals without being detected, you forget to keep tabs on the time and you soon become captivated by the game for hours at a time. This, combined with the variety of modes you can play through the hunts, allows you to get almost endless game time out of Hunting Unlimited 2010, especially if you are a serious hunting enthusiast.

Hunting Unlimited 2010 was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
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