Hitman: Blood Money Demo

Hitman is back and this time he's paid in cold, hard cash so have you're weapons loaded
Hitman: Blood Money Demo
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Hitman: Blood Money is a stealth shooter game where players will explore and assassinate targets  in a third-person perspective. This is the fourth game in the Hitman series.

The story of one of the most skilled assassins in the world continues

Players will take on the role of Agent 47 as he is trying to fight for his life. The Agency where he was working has been sabotaged leaving only him and Diana Burnwood alive. After splitting up the company's assets, the two decide to get their revenge on the Franchise, the rival organization that destroyed the Agency.

They manage to kill some top ranked agents, but due to a turn of events, Agent 47 learns about an attempt on the President's life. He infiltrates the White House and removes the threat by killing the assassins. With the help of Diana, he manages to stage his death and takes his final revenge on the world.

Poisonous syringes, silenced weapons and other tools in a hitman's arsenal

Each mission will have Agent 47 finishing off a target, but before the target can be reached, he must pass through a series of obstacles like: armed enemies, sniper guards, security cameras, eye witnesses, etc.

Players have the option to use stealth on these missions or a more direct approach, but know that discretion will earn more rewards. Innocent bystanders can be ignored or you can terminate them. As before, spilling too much blood can be dangerous for your mission.

Sometimes using stealth is not enough so some murders will have to look like accidents. Use various objects around you to make things believable. On other occasions the bodies of enemies left in the middle of the room can give away your position so make sure to hide them.

There are a lot of weapons available in the game and even more non-conventional items players can use as weapons. This installment allows users to upgrade their weapons and most of the equipment. There are lots of other improvements like the fact that you can use a body as a human shield or throw a melee weapon at an enemy and recover it afterwards.

A stealth game for the generations ahead

With much innovation, Hitman: Blood Money manages to capture the essence of being an assassin and even more adds a new perspective on stealth gaming thus shaping the future of this genre.

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Hitman: Blood Money Demo

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14 Screenshots
Hitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money DemoHitman: Blood Money Demo

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When assassins from Hitman's contract agency, The ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of hits, it seems a l...

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