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Hero Lab is a character generation tool with a simple, intuitive process, walking you through a series of decisions which you make after seeing all of your options. It automatically tracks modifiers for every stat, ability, item, spell, and option.

Hero Lab is versatile and easy-to-use set of character creation and evolution tools to date. Using our proprietary technology, Hero Lab offers you unprecedented accuracy and flexibility to create RPG characters to your every specification, while at the same time verifying that your character is 100% valid under the rules of the game.

Main features:

  • Tab panels walk you through each facet of character creation - attributes, class and level, skills, merits, powers, gear, personal information, journal entries, templates and special abilities. Hero Lab prompts you through character creation by highlighting selections that should be made.
  • Summary panels provide real-time visibility of the changes you make to your character and their implications, from skills to combat adjustments to armor – all fully customizable based on what you want to see.
  • Save your hero, then print using one of many output options, e-mail the hero to another Hero Lab user, or save a PDF.
  • Validation engine verifies that your character satisfies all the rules, providing a detailed report of any errors encountered and highlighting the errors for quick and easy correction. Our use of validation instead of enforcement allows you to ignore any errors reported, making it easy to accommodate house rules.
  • Easily add custom content, from armor to classes to feats to races to spells – the content editor allows you to modify existing content or add your own from scratch.
  • Authoring Kit allows you to create your own game systems, with pdf / wiki documentation and "skeleton" game system to get you started.
  • d20Pro and Fantasy Grounds support allows you to create a Pathfinder, d20 System, or 4th Edition (d20Pro only) hero in Hero Lab before transferring him to the d20Pro or Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop.

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Hero Lab

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10 Screenshots
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