Gun Metal

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Take the gigantic robot in the heart of battle and crush your enemies





Gun Metal is a level-based third-person shooter in which you control a mech--a giant battle bot--that can also transform into a jet aircraft. In different levels you will meet all kinds of enemies: tanks, hovertanks, aircraft, and artillery.

Spurred on by countless conquests, the enemy moves forward, threatening the very heart of your civilization. One single hope remains: a prototype combat vehicle known as The Havoc Suit.

Standing over 30 feet tall, equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry, and capable of transforming into a highly maneuverable jet fighter, only this formidable battle machine has the potential to halt the invading foe.

Freely transform between a mech and a jet at the push of a button. Customize your arsenal, and outfit yourself with an extensive armor or devastating weaponry.

Engage in explosive battles on next-generation battlefields. Fight hordes of enemies through 14 challenging missions, and assist your allied forces as they take their last stand.
Last updated on October 29th, 2008
Gun MetalGun MetalGun MetalGun MetalGun Metal

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