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Play the role of a hockey manager and try to make your team the best in the world, while managing everything from contracts to the squad

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Being the general manager of a sports team is not an easy task to undertake, regardless of how much previous experience you happen to have. In fact, each team is pretty much different to manage and keep under control, because you have to deal with other people, as well as many unforeseen situations that require quick and swift reasoning.

Take a quiz to see what’s the perfect team for you

GM Hockey 2010 is a management simulation in which you get the opportunity to sit in the chair of the general manager and have the last say in every decision. Thus, regardless of the team you choose to manage, a lot of work is required in order to achieve the desired results, not to mention the fact that many random events can ruin your plans and force you to take split decisions.

One of the more interesting features of the game is the fact that you have to take a quiz at the start of the career mode, in order to see which team would be suitable for your style. The quiz contains ten questions regarding various hypothetical situations and they are multiple choice, so that they can be completed pretty quickly. Depending on how you choose to hand the situations presented in the test, a number of teams are recommended to you, although you are not at all forced to go with either of them.

A variety of management options and possibilities

Besides the usual financial business that concerns salaries, tickets, and various other monetary assets, the manager also has to deal with slightly more pressing matters, such as the players themselves. Some of the more famous players might ask for a raise when they don’t really deserve it, or expect an exaggerated salary for what he can do. Naturally, it’s your job to spend as little as possible and keep the stars happy.

The squad itself can be managed and edited as well, although coaches are much more suited to do that for you. Newspapers and media outlets keep you informed about worldwide events, which might or might not affect your team as well. In addition, each victory you obtain rewards you with points and you can gather them in order to compete with other players from all over the world.

A complete simulator with plenty of content to keep you entertained

All things considered, GM Hockey 2010 is definitely a good management game, even if it doesn’t look very much like a game. The user interface can be a tad too complex and disorienting at first, but if you keep trying, things become much easier to handle after a while.

GM Hockey 2010 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 13th, 2015
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