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Liberate America from the Soviet occupation, with the help of the civilian resistance

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The world can call itself lucky because it turned out the way it did, since it could have taken a turn for the worse countless times across the centuries. The last time a great threat was looming over the planet was just a few decades ago, when the second World War brought with itself the invention of the atomic bomb and the destruction that followed.

A grim alternate reality for the United States

Freedom Fighters is a third-person action game in which history follows a different path, one that features the Soviets dropping the nuclear bomb on the United States and thus gaining control over the country. In the midst of the occupation, a handful of civilians take matters into their own hands and plan a resistance, one that aims to bring back freedom and get rid of the Russian overlords who are taking over.

In the game, your role is to play as one of these freedom fighters and do everything in your power to sabotage strategic objectives and drive away the communists. Since such a daring task cannot be achieved by a single person, you are always joined by other civilians who happen to cross your path, all of which do their best to protect the mission and help you advance through the enemy forces.

Captivating team-based action

Although your comrades cannot be directly controlled, they do know how to handle themselves in a fight and shoot mostly from cover, to avoid falling too quickly under the enemy fire. As such, progress through the levels is much quicker, while the extra firepower really comes in handy against the superior numbers of the Red army.

In addition, the third-person perspective really helps you make proper use of any cover spots, although you can easily zoom in to increase your accuracy when it comes to return fire on the enemy. The detailed 3D graphics do a good job at representing the gray cities of America, which are filled with anti-communist graffiti and various other signs of the ongoing war for freedom.

An adventure to remember

Freedom Fighters brings a lot of new ideas to the genre, as well as a unique story line that keeps you hooker over the course of the campaign. In addition, the team-based gameplay is very well made and it motivates you to immerse deeper into the atmosphere of the story.

Freedom Fighters Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 27th, 2014
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