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FlatOut is a adrenaline-inducing racing game with a story, spectacular crashes and not too serious attitude

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Racing games are developed in order to provide the players with a simulation as close to reality as possible when it comes to handling, physics and various other elements that are part of a normal race. By doing so, however, fun is sometimes replaced by frustration, since real races tend to punish wrong turns and driving mistakes.

Take part in destruction derbies across obstacle-ridden tracks

FlatOut, on the other hand, is a game that takes every one of the aforementioned concepts, throws it out the window and replaces them with fun and hilarious alternatives instead. Thus, lap races turn into demolition derbies, with opponents that take advantage of every opportunity to stop one another from staying on the track, by making use of the large variety of obstacles and traps spread across them.

Since there would be no point in staying true to the laws of physics when it comes to car behavior, the handling is far from accurate, to say the least. The two main concepts that lay at the core of FlatOut's gameplay mechanics are speed and destruction, while everything in between is replaced by drifts, nitro and flaming engines.

Have fun with ragdolls and wacky challenges

It should be noted that, although realism is nowhere to be found when it comes to handling and car physics, the damage model is highly responsive and well-designed, since every part of your vehicle can bend, scratch, or fall off entirely after a close encounter with another participant or one of the obstacles. The damage does not, however, have any effect on the way the car runs, since it can still reach the same speed even with flames coming out of the engine.

Another interesting feature is the ragdoll effect available for the drivers, which can easily jump out through the windshield of the vehicle after a more serious impact. This can also be taken as an advantage, though, thanks to the entertaining alternative modes that make use of this effect, such as the high jump challenge, which enables you to use inertia in order to get your driver as high as possible to score points.

An fun and entertaining racing game

In the end, FlatOut is the perfect choice for anyone on the lookout for an entertaining game to occupy a few hours with. In addition, the very nice graphics and adrenaline-inducing soundtrack really help you immerse into the races, not to mention the fun races and obstacle-ridden tracks it puts at your disposal.

FlatOut Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
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